Pictures of Johnny De Ceulaerde

Watch out, Johnny De Ceulaerde is at the IFAM to take a picture of you..

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It all started..

Last year, IFAM Oordegem received a huge upgrade. In 2010, the IFAM started as an ordinary "open" meeting. The meeting immediately became a major hit with many international Championship minima and some European Lead performances. IFAM has a clear vision to help athletes reach minima towards international championships.

Given this success and the completely unique approach for and by athletes, the meeting rose the following year to a B meeting at the Flemish Athletics League, a theme meeting with a focus on a few disciplines. But that level was also quickly surpassed, so that in 2012 the IFAM grew into a "Flanders Cup" meeting. This is the circuit of the better Flemish meetings. After a few years, IFAM also quickly turned out to be the best student in the class. And internationally, too, the level continued to rise. For example, IFAM has been a value in the top 100 for years, normally around the 50th place in the world!

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With the upgrade to World Athletics Continental Tour Challenger Meeting, the international allure of the meeting also increases. For example, the Challenger Meetings belong to level D events at World Athletics. This is very important for the international athletes, who strive for a high ranking in the world rankings. The extra placing scores on IFAM are:

1st - 40p

2nd - 35p

3rd - 30p

4th - 25p

5th - 22p

6th - 19p

7th - 17p

8th - 15p

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